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Over the weekend, I posted this photo to Facebook:

Not my skin.  Because wouldn't there be a LOT more blood?  :)

... with the caption:  "Day 7 of a Dexcom G4 sensor, mounted on a Toughpad, stuck to my thigh. This is what it looks like after removal: like I scalped myself."

And after reading through a few of the comments, i realized that some people took me a touch too literally with this one.  :)

This is a photo of the Dexcom G4 sensor, stuck to the top of a J&J Toughpad, as I mentioned in this post.  At the "CHANGE SENSOR NOW!" all caps warning that pops up on the receiver screen at the close of day seven, I pull the sensors immediately.  (As much as I want to leave a still-sticking sensor stuck, I'm afraid to instigate a rash, so don't wear my sensors past seven days ... and yes, it makes me crazy to pull a perfectly good sensor.)  When I pull the sensor up, with it comes the Toughpad.  And grossly enough, the Toughpad looks exactly like my skin.  Which makes it look like I am pulling up huge patches of skin when I remove the sensor.

Ew!  No!  

So, to clarify:  That's a photo of a sensor on a band-aid, basically.  Not my skin removed from my body by way of blowtorch (which would explain the singed edges?).  Dexcoms aren't a scalping device. 

Carry on.


Love the clarification, ha! Also the suggestion for using the Toughpad. I just got my G4 less than a week ago so I'm still adjusting... my question is - the paperwork makes it sound like you can only wear it on your stomach, but you mention that yours was on your thigh? Where else have you had luck wearing it??

Kerri, that is gross. :)

And all that time I was marveling at the pink tint to the sensor! As for location, I wore my Dex on my stomach for a long time (Rules!)and finally made the switch to the arm. I Really like it there better.

A little late to comment, but is that pink?!

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