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Late evening talks with CSparl about the stupid diabetes things.  

"A1C goals.  It's a focus that eclipses standard deviation, or how a person actually feels - just A1C goals, A1C goals, A1C goals."

"A1C goals.  A1C goals."

"Heh. If you say it too many times in a row, it sounds like A1 seagulls.  Like steak sauce birds."



I wish you could see the big smile on my face right now!

Well played!!

The albatross around our necks. :)

I'll never look again at my A1 sauce-covered steaks the same way... :)

hahahahah !
I will give that a try next time I grill a gull


And here I was, saying "steak sauce birds" to myself really fast thinking there might be more to the funny than there actually was...

Is that like c-gull management: comes in, makes a bunch of noise, poops on everything, and leaves?

you need a vacation.
great graphic...
great blog..



The picture of the A1C Gulls is just too funny. I needed that. LOL

my A1 seagulls is in rang control . i wil not allow to it to become very up .

HA! That made me straight up LOL.

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