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Growing Up with Diabetes.

"With diabetes" isn't this big, prepositional phrase that hangs on to everything.  Growing up with type 1 diabetes was, as far as I'm concerned, just plain "growing up." And that's what this video is about.

(And I realized, after listening to my mom on DSMA Live 'Rents last night, that this video mentions a few of the same memories she mentioned, which further solidifies the theory that she and I may, at times, be sharing the same brain.)


I am SOOO grateful for your post! I hope and pray this is how my sweet one will remember her childhood. We work super hard at being "chill" at our place and she handles it all with crazy grace. Thanks for the smiles-this is just so darn encouraging!

I love you! I love your mom! Vampire moms 4 evah.

Good post! I hope my daughter remembers her childhood as fun and not D-centered. In the beginning we were probably more stressed and all DIABETES all the time, but now we are getting to that chill phase I think. (I hope!)

Mom was awesome on 'Rents.

I applaud your parents for normalizing as much as possible so that your memories are what they are. It was a delight talking with your mom last night. Thanks for mentioning the show and thanks for your video. Caleb watched with me. "I like that video, mom." ;)

Hi Kerri,
An excellent video. Your parents took the responsibility to work with you to move forward with your life by raising your eyes to the sky. Normal is only a setting on a dryer! The grounding which you received is evident which gives you a perspective to continue to walk forward with this unique condition. As always have a great day.

Awesome video!

I was just talking to Moira when she was in town about this generation of kids growing up with diabetes and what we think the differences in technology will mean for how they feel about diabetes as adults.


Bravo! You are articulate, down to earth and beautiful! I hope we make our 13 y.o. Son dx 2 yrs ago feel the same way. Keep sharing, it helps us parents who are just figuring things out day by day realize that we're doing an ok job!

I totally agree. When I look back on my childhood with diabetes (and actually my life in general) there are very few moments where diabetes felt like a thing. It was just weaved into whatever I was doing. I did things my own way, but I still did them and so I don't really feel like my childhood was that different from anyone else's. Which is nice.

Wow, I can totally relate to everything you just said, and smiled as you said it.

Except when you mentioned "puffed rice"... I had a terrifying flashback. Eating those styrofoam-pellets in skim milk (or dry, I'm not sure which was worse), is probably my worst all-time diabetes memory. All things considered, that's not so bad...

Diagnosed at age six in 1958, my childhood was like any other kid's. Took my daily dose of NPH, watched what I ate and did all the things young kids do.

Kerri, thanks for sharing this! How encouraging to us parents raising D-kids. I'm listening to your Mom now on Talk Radio. Great job to both of you. :)

LOVE this video! One of my favorite quotes my mom still says is, "You are a girl WITH diabetes not a diabetic girl..you control it,it does NOT control you" Nothing like motivating T1 parents :)

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