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Pump Peelz.

Diabetes devices are boring, but I'd rather they be boring and useful (read: accurate, precise) than to have spangly, sparkly bits and a dozen different color options.  I don't want glitter being what holds up an FDA approval.

But having a way to dress up your diabetes devices, even just a wee bit, can go a really long way in psychosocial satisfaction.  Which is why I think the Pump Peelz stickers are clever, cute, and customizable.  The genius is in the simplicity of the idea:  a sticker on the exterior of your device to give it some personality.

Behold!  A Dexcom G4 receiver, ready for its close-up:

My receiver is wearing the Little Polka dots, and yes, I already treated the low.

Founded by high school sweethearts (awwww!) Emily Hixon (diagnosed with T1D a few years ago and currently a Pump Peelz exec and photographer) and Scott Imblum, Pump Peelz are stickers specially created for Dexcom G4 receivers, Omnipods (Gen 1 & 2), and VerioIQ meters to give a little boost to these often unfriendly-looking devices.  

As someone who is fine with a plain insulin pump and a plain meter and doesn't make a habit of fashionably fiddling with my devices, I was surprised at how much I liked the new look of my Dexcom receiver.  Maybe a little bling is good for my insulin-deprived soul.  Or maybe the toddler in my house has convinced me that stickers are awesome.  Either way.

You can check Pump Peelz by visiting their website, and you can stick them to your devices through the magic of those sticky stickers.  Go, science!

Disclosure:  The Pump Peelz team sent me items to review at no cost to me. 


Agree! I was surprised too at how it spiced things up and made me (and Caleb) a wee bit more cheerful. Caleb's reaction to Minimalist - "EPIC!" (Very over-used word is Caleb's vocabulary these days, but still a great review from him!)

awesome. I just discovered these the other day. Trying to justify that they're $9 for a sticker, but I'm sure I'll give in and order a few soon :)

I really like the concept...but how easy is it to remove them a d go back to your plain pump/receiver without having to deal w a sticky residue or partially removed sticker afterwards?

The idea of temporarily jazzing it up sounds fun, and their designs are ADORABLE, but I'd like the option to go back to normal without my device looking any worse for the wear.


I've also been at odds about the price. Then I remember that I spent a good year coordinating infusion set stickers with my outfits (from groovypatches) and I tell myself to shell out to decorate my new pods.

Defintely go for it if you're on the fence. You will be shocked at how it brings a smile to your face everytime you look at it. They don't leave a residue. If you have to wear these devices every single day for the rest of your life, shouldn't you add a little joy where ever you can? I say bedazzle it!

RitaMarieTrif - It leaves absolutely no residue! It's actually the same material used on cars for businesses! They are completely water proof and will leave nothing behind!

I had a sticker for my Medtronic pump for ages and I loved it. They were jelly beans, which I found awesomely ironic. My Dexcom is coming later this week so I will have to look into these for my new gadget. :)

I love the fact that they don't leave a residue -- I had a skin for my Medtronic, and it wore out and looked shabby, so I removed it, and it left my pump a mess! But I hope that Pump Peelz comes out with more patterns -- the ones they have really don't appeal to me. I liked the minimalist, but not in gray!

Talk them into peelz for Pings!!

I think it is awesome that we can flash our pumps up a little. When I got mine I wanted it to blend in and not be noticeable but the longer I have it the more I want it to be a fashion piece. The problem is, I am still not comfortable showing it off!

Would it be weird if I started buying these before I actually got my G4?

We're working on lots of new designs! We added 9 last week and will add another 9 new designs this week:-)

Peelz for Pings!! We're working on it:-)

I agree with you about dressing things up. It makes the mundane...not SO mundane :) I used to order colored cotton balls to jazz up my gear LOL Thanks for sharing!

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