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D-Blog Week: We, the Undersigned, Pledge to Run Like a Velociraptor is Chasing Us.

Run like this sonofabitch is hot on your heels.We, the undersigned, being of sound body and mind, need to go back to that "being of sound body" bit.  As a person living with type 1 diabetes, my insulin is of the utmost importance.  As is testing my blood sugar.  And don't anyone try to take away my online community or my emotional health may take a dive.  These are the things that keep me healthiest ... but wait a second ... what's missing?

Oh yeah.


We, the undersigned, understand that exercise isn't just for bringing down a high blood sugar.  It's not just "for people who have diabetes."  Exercising your body is something that everyone, regardless of health status, should be attempting to do on a very regular basis.  Sitting at the computer and writing emails?  Necessary for work and financial survival.  But going for a walk - or even a run? - and getting your heart rate up and your blood flowing?  Necessary for the continuation of your life.

As a person with diabetes, I put an undue amount of focus on my A1C level, or on the snapshot blood sugar grinning back up at me from my meter.  These things matter - quite a bit - but there are a lot of other aspects of my health to take into consideration before stamping me with the seal of "good health" approval.  (That seal looks like this.) 

What matters, in addition to these diabetes-related health obligations, is my overall health.  The stuff that matters to most bodies, not just our pancreatically-challenged ones.  Namely, exercise.  

I feel that, growing up with type 1 diabetes, I regarded exercise with too much apathy.  "I have type 1 diabetes - it's about managing my blood sugars and my insulin, and making sure I'm eating foods that don't have a crummy impact on my blood sugars." But having diabetes doesn't make my A1C paramount over all other health issues.  It's part of a bigger whole, but an in-range A1C doesn't cancel out an unfit, untested, under-exercised body.

I petition - or am I pledging?  Hoping?  I petition to let go of the laziness, to make the effort, and to embrace exercise as something just as important as testing blood sugars and taking insulin.  I pledge to keep my body moving, even if I feel too slow, too awkward, too embarrassed, too big, too challenged.  I am hoping that our community can be part of the movement towards movement, a group of people who go against the grain of the laziness that's taken over our country. 

"Oh, you have diabetes?" 

"Yeah, and I exercise all the time.  Even on days when I don't feel like it, or when I'd rather sit in front of the television or muck around on the computer."

We, the undersigned, promise to keep moving.  Keep running, or walking, or swimming, or tennis'ing, or skipping, or yoga'ing, or footballing (of either kind), or dancing, or gardening, or lifting, or cycling.  We, the undersigned, know that our bodies need exercise as much as they need fitness, more than they need cupcakes. 

We, the undersigned, pledge to run like a velociraptor is chasing us.


Upcoming Opportunity :)

The JDRF Boston Marathon team will all be in attendance...even the contingent of the team from Hawaii!

Sadly, I fear that if I needed to outrun a velocirapter, I'd fall flat on my face and get consumed like a fast-acting carb by a PWD having a hypo in the middle of the night. With that said, here's to me pledging to sign and get a movin, as much as I can. Great post, Kerri.

Count me in. I don't know why keeping up with exercise is such a struggle for me. Always. I do great for a couple of weeks then something sets me back. I need to stop that. I am pledging, hoping and petitioning with you :)

I'm on day 5 of the 30 day pushup challenge. Does that count? My arms say yes. #ouch

this is awesome!

This is one petition I'm happy to sign. I will keep the velociraptor in mind when I get back to my running.


I think there's something in the fact that exercising with diabetes is super hard, which can make it even more discouraging than the regular discouragement that most people feel.

But it's a super powerful tool in our toolbox. Like most powerful tools, it takes a lot of time and energy to learn how to use them.

I'd also like to give you credit - our traveling sweatabetes sessions and you being so dedicated to learning how to run have been a big part of the influences in ME learning to run. Thank you!

I've managed to commit to a zumba class that I thought would be torture, but, it's really fun !
just ordered a dvd set for home use

This is one petition (pledge) that I will (should) sign! Thank you. :)

Yes! Great reminder. Yesterday I was all set to go to the gym after work and suddenly found myself at home. The couch wins too much - must end this so the velociraptor doesn't catch me.

Sign me up!!

I'm in! I need to get moving to set the example for my kids!

is velociraptor doing a zumba workout in that picture ?

ideas for portable sugar that you can carry on a run AND doesn't get gross during a sweaty workout (eliminating glucose tabs as an option)?? So far a plastic baggie of skittles and Quick Sticks are my best finds.

I love this. Even more so because a) exercise!!!! and b) because I need more of this and c) because I totally discussed velociraptors at work this morning.

Is discussing velociraptors at work another Kerri-parallel? (Is that then a Kerrillel?)

I'm in. I've been using the Couch to 5k program/app and can definitely see/feel the difference - I no longer get winded when I have to run to catch the T. I think I'm a mere couple of weeks away from being able to outrun an approaching prehistoric critter!

Hi Kerri,
Hmmmm. The management guru Peter Drucker has an interesting comment. One needs a way to measure something before one can manage the given item. Meaning, we can count carbs, weigh carbs, measure our insulin bolus, and/or basal. But... how does one "measure" our exercise input and output. Oh, btw having the challenge of walking a dog each and everyday can give one the opportunity to exercise. As always have a great day.

This is a hard petition to sign -- because it involves me doing something that's not very easy to do. I might be able to outrun the velociraptor for about half a block, but that's it.

Still, it is a stark reminder of what I should be doing - a reminder which I desperately need. Thank you.

Good Call, You got that RIGHT!!!

Move move move....that is the key!

Love this. I struggle to get in regular exercise even though I know it is good for me. My alarm goes off most mornings at 5 am and I always hit snooze. I will sign this to help give me motivation to get out of bed!

YES! I am with you! Everything falls in to place when exercising. I sign up for races as motivation. They require training, and that gets me up & moving. Thanks for the reminder!

I heartily endorse diabetes blog posts that include dinosaurs. My personal favourite was the artist formerly known as the Brontosaurus, now called the Apatosaurus.

Great, GREAT post. Too often (me, the mom and a P Without D) I think of exercise only in the context of weight loss. And in that context it is easily put off when something seemingly more important requires my attention...and as the mom of 3 that is almost always. Thanks for reminding me that it's about keeping the body as healthy as possible. For me and for my cwd. I now have a love/hate relationship with the velociraptor. I'm signing.

It is something I rarely do, but today I found myself online looking for something "diabetes-inspirational/diabetic-inspiring." I now know why. I needed the Velociraptor. Compelling myself to get up off my butt and exercize like I know I should but don't- even when I know how much better I feel when I do - seems the one remaining rebellious act I have clung to. The Velociraptor chasing me is exactly the visualization I need! I see it, I hear it, I fear it, but I am determined that it is NOT EVER going to catch me!! Finally - I run!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! It is just what I needed!

Julie Ann

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