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D365: Day 33


(Day 33 - Larry Bird!)

Little baby girl Sparling, just a smidge over 27 weeks along.  She kicks all the time, she scoots from side to side, and she's making my belly swell.  (Swell both in size and in "Oh gee, what a swell belly!")  Belly button is also starting to push out, which is a very, very weird thing.

Three months left, but if things go according to the plan in place, BSparl will arrive a little earlier than May 4th.  So less than three months.

And then there will be a little baby girl in my house.  And the heads of Chris and I, respectively, will explode.


I think May 3rd sounds like a delightful day to have a baby... my birthday... think about it Kerri and BSparl!! LOL

I'm with Tricia. I'm a May 3rd baby, too. :)

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