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D365: Day 55

BSparl and I are growing more and more every day.  Like ... every single day.  My belly is so big in the front now that I wish I already had a child, around four years old, who could help me prop up my belly during the day when I'm on my feet.  ;)


I know you feel huge, but trust me, as one who has seen literally thousands of pregnant bellies in her career, you look fabulous! You are carrying beautifully!

I wholeheartedly agree! Actually, just the other day a friend was commenting on how small you looked at 7 months. She explained, " i was huge then...this chicka is so lucky to still be so small"!
I just love baby bumps- big and small. Enjoy, while it lasts.

You look so great ~ seriously, I've seen a lot of women (recently) at 7 months who are HUGE in comparison. I'm not sure what that means, exactly, because every baby bump is priceless, but you really do look great.

I remember once, when my sis was 9 mos. pregnant, I said (to my mom) that the phone was "all the way on the other side of Jamie" (as if it was a mountain one had to climb in order to get around her belly.) To this day, it makes us all laugh. :)

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