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D365: Day 40

When I was pregnant, pineapple was the food I craved the most.  Now, my fruit of choice is either a ripe mango or a delicious papaya.  (Which I ended up hooked on when Chris and I honeymooned in the Dominican Republic.  One of the best vacations ever, that one.)  Fruit, for some people with diabetes, makes their blood sugars go berserk, but for me, fruit has always been friendly.  Thank goodness.  Because I eat a ton of it.


I lost my momentum with this project. I think I should start again. *sigh*

How does fruit not raise your blood sugar levels? After 7 years, I still don't get diabetes! If I'm low, I can have a moderately sweet apple and be fine for a while, until I get some carbs in me.

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