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December 31, 2007

Last Generation D column for 2007 - about my CGM experiences of the past and a look towards my future with Minimed.

December 28, 2007

Another foodie-related blog has cropped up, and this time our very own Rachel is one of the contributers. Take a spin through FitFare and see what you think!

This is a very, very fun little website - Faces in Places. I liked the red zipper fish.

December 27, 2007

I've had my share of mondegreens (ahem, Night Moose), but this website has them all. Visit the Archive of Misheard Lyrics, where my whole world was shattered to bits.

A holiday Grand Rounds hosted by MedGadget keeps us in the spirit this week. Check it out!

December 20, 2007

Check out Lift Magazine for some daily fitness tips that can help you shape up ... or ship out, right?

December 19, 2007

Here's a nifty little timepiece to hopefully replace testing and bolusing in the future - thanks, Nicole Schmeidel! Cheers to progress.

December 18, 2007

All-new Grand Rounds at Trick-Cycling for Beginners. All haiku this time - very cool!

December 17, 2007

This week's Your Story comes from Brandon Tingey and deals with the serious topic of diabetes discrimination.

December 13, 2007

The SUM featured blog this round is Rub Eyes When Needed, written by one of my favorite diabetes dads, Chris.

December 12, 2007

Against my wishes, this invisible movie explosion made me laugh my head off.

December 11, 2007

This video has run its way through my office - Man Cold. I love when he whispers, "I called for you, I said 'Laura...'"

Brandy-new Grand Rounds over at Odysseys of George. Cool marine theme this week!

December 10, 2007

Blogabetes blogger Carey Potash had me laughing my ass of this morning. Check out the Diabetes Fantasy League.

December 06, 2007

This is highly-addictive. Once I popped, I couldn't stop. A little virtual bubble wrap, anyone?

December 04, 2007

So yes, NurseBestFriend elfed me. And the cats. Have you elfed yo'self?

A friend at work is a friend indeed, or at least according to the New York Times. Check out this article if you missed it the first time around.

Brand new Grand Rounds at MedHelp's Doctor Geek, MD. Read the best of the medical blogosphere!

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