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August 25, 2009

Very, very, very bizarre song about the spine sung by a rabbit with a British accent who is wearing a sweater and taunting an upset snail.

dLifeTV dared to peek into online communities ... and they also dared to put me on the show again. Silly dLife.

Check out the dLife community and you can start your own blog, meet others with diabetes, and enjoy the scene at dLife. Visit for more info!

If you live in the UK or Ireland, the Bayer Didget is now available! Here's info from their site, and here's info from SUM re: this clever device.

diaTribe has a $500 Dexcom giveaway. Details are yours just by clicking here.

August 19, 2009

Get a first look at the released "Buried" production stills on ComingSoon. (And I can't wait to release my behind-the-scenes photos!!)

Bennet is sharing his first impressions of the Wavesense iPhone app on YDMV. For insight on the application, visit Bennet. (Don't be scared! He's harmless!)

I'm sorry, but this did make me laugh a little bit. "The Rock Lays the Smackdown on Diabetes." I love a good celebrity spokesperson, and I hope he reps us right.

On MedpageToday, there's info on the use of GDH-PQQ glucose test strips, including more about the FDA warning and what, the PWDs, can do to protect ourselves.

All-new Grand Rounds at the Invisible Illness Blog - and it's a back-to-school edition with a heavy focus on illnesses that aren't so obvious.

August 03, 2009

Healogica has created an iPhone app for clinical trials and they're donating proceeds to charity. Now that is very cool indeed.

Mark's Daily Apple is hosting the Primal Blueprint Health Challenge! I'm doing this to help reduce stress, dagnabit. Check it out!

There is now a website for the very cool new tubeless pump from Medingo. Check out the Solo insulin pump site for more information. (I can't wait to try this thing out.)

It's must-see NinjaTV! If you missed the d-rap contest between SuperG and Cherise, you can catch George's video on YouTube. I think it is massively awesome. See for yourself.

Allie Beatty of Allie's Voice has suffered a stroke as a result of treatment for her retinopathy, and she's bravely vlogging about it. Please lend your support and let her know the diabetes community is rallying for her swift recovery.

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