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April 10, 2010

"Life, Uninterrupted" over at Animas is updated with new columns for April - thanks for checking them out!

All-new issue of diaTribe is out for March, and there are some seriously impressive articles being showcased in this issue. Check out the latest!

If you haven't checked out The Fully Sick Rapper, the vlogs from the quarantined Christiaan Van Vurren, you need to. The guy is freaking brilliant.

Ah, the mice get their day again. Apparently, a nanoparticle "vaccine" has cured type 1 diabetes in mice. When do humans get our cure??

Fran Carpentier of Parade.com has a new blog, called Mom to Mom. She's writing about real issues that real moms are facing - click over and take a read!

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